Wide Open Spaces

Posted On February 21, 2021

For the first time since I was ten, I find myself with no valid passport. This is just a reflection of the times with international travel off the radar for a while. It has provided a moment of pause to take a chance to look inwards instead of booking the next flight.

I have spent the past months looking inwards to the type of traveller I want to be as I enter life as an empty nester and getting closer to 50 with each passing day. I have also taken the time to look inwards to the beauty of my own country. In Australia we are so lucky to have wide open spaces to explore. I have loved every moment of visiting the large cities and iconic islands and beaches over the years that we rattle off as a typical Australian to do list, it has always been my time in rural and outback Australia that has resonated with me. That keeps calling me to return.

As a traveller I want to be deliberate, deliberate in my choices and in my behaviours. I want to ensure that I am leaving a positive impact on communities that I visit and in return take away a new knowledge and appreciation of where I have been. So for the next holiday I am spending time in my beautiful wide open backyard, taking roads and tracks that expose our unique history, our unique geography and our unique people. As I leave the city behind in our 4WD Tourer, husband and puppy dog in tow, and head west in search of red dusty tracks, vast blue skies, and wide open spaces to the horizon, I take a deep breathe of the clear air and open up to the pureness of the gift of travel.

Each Sunday, I will be sharing with you tales from the road as we cross Queensland, the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia looking for inspiration for the next holiday.



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  1. morag

    Hey Ainsley,
    Sounds like its all going to be a fabulous adventure and I cant wait to read the next instalment! ­čÖé

    • Ainsley

      I am so glad you enjoyed it. There are many adventures to come I promise. There are so many treasures in our backyard.


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