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About Ainsley

 As the owner of a travel agency, I am always asked where is ‘The Next Holiday’.  From my first travel journal aged six, I have always tried to capture my travels in words.

Welcome to “The Next Holiday” where I will share my passion for travel as I roam the globe for both work and pleasure.

In my spare time, I am also a wife and mother to two daughters who are both studying at university.  When I am not travelling or working I am dreaming about travel, knitting, watching the West Wing over and over and seeking the perfect coffee.

Your Next Holiday

When you are ready to book the next holiday we encourage you to remember that online is for looking and travel agents are for booking.  Reach out to the team at Highfields Travel and Cruise who will help design the next holiday with you.  With a travel agent, you are never alone.


Recent Travels 

Wide Open Spaces

Wide Open Spaces

For the first time since I was ten, I find myself with no valid passport. This is just a reflection of the times with international travel off the radar for a while. It has provided a moment of pause to take a chance to look inwards instead of booking the next flight....

Ainsley’s Rocky Adventure

Ainsley’s Rocky Adventure

The Rocky Mountains in Canada I am currently winding my way through the Rocky Mountains in Canada onboard the famous Rocky Mountaineer.  How I dreamed of taking this journey and how it exceeds my expectations! My work surrounds me in travel brochures and my...