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Make Planning Your Next Holiday Fun!

Whether you have got the plane ticket and are ready to go, or there is a thought of an upcoming adventure somewhere in your mind no matter how distant into the future, the thought of the next holiday is always good for the soul.

One of my favourite parts of the holiday is the planning, I guess that’s why I do it every day as a living, so as a holiday approaches I can get a little sad that the planning of the journey is ending.

I love embarking on the next holiday with the seed of a new holiday already planted.  Dreaming of that trip makes the long journey home a little more positive, knowing that I can go exploring again one day soon.


For now, we are all a little grounded.   Our ability to jump on a plane and within a day find ourselves on a tropical island in the Caribbean, or immersing oneself in a new culture somewhere in Africa, trekking through the mountains of South America, cruising the rivers of Europe, or getting up close with the wildlife in the polar regions has disappeared for now, but these experiences will be waiting for us. 

Until then, join me as I share tales from travels past, that just may inspire the next holiday for you.


Recent Adventures

Here are some of my favourite images!


Rocky Mountains


One of my happy places

Dreaming of Your Next Holiday?